Packing Your Unit

Packing your unit can be tricky so here are a few things to consider when storing your belongings.

  • How often will you be accessing your unit?
    1. Often – you may want to consider getting a unit that is slightly larger so that you can move freely throughout your unit and access all of its contents.
    2. Not often – maximize the amount of space that you have. Make sure to stack as much as possible while keeping heavier items on the bottom to avoid boxes from collapsing. It is not advisable to stand leather furniture on its side as it damages the leather.
  • How often will you be adding and removing contents from your unit?
    1. Upper-floor units can be more cost-effective if you are planning to stay for an extended period of time and, while we do have elevators, it can be time-consuming if you are consistently moving your belongings in and out of your unit.
    2. Lower-floor and garage units tend to be more expensive but access to them is easier so this may be a better option for someone who is often adjusting the contents of their unit.
  • We pride ourselves in keeping our facilities clean but dust is a consideration anywhere you store your belongings. As a result, we strongly recommend getting covers for your mattresses and other pieces of furniture while they are stored with us. For your convenience, we sell a wide range of covers.